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The National L.E.A.D. Institute, Raleigh, North Carolina Operations:
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
All Programs are MRT Based!
MRT ® – Moral Reconation Therapy – Cognitive Behavioral Treatment
MRT WORKS! MRT ® Cited as Proven to Reduce Recidivism for Offenders

  • Nationally recognized cognitive-behavioral counseling approach
  • Open-ended program with flexible client participation and pre-printed materials
  • History of successful corporate performance for over 10 years
  • Record of effective implementation at multiple sites
  • Comprehensive, proven training
  • Competitive costs
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OBJECTIVES Caribbean Correctional Training, LLC

  1. Provide Reintegration Skills Programs

For the first target group of pre- and post-release inmates, finding and keeping a job is one of the biggest factors in successfully re-entering society. L.E.A.D. will work extensively with incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals to develop the job-readiness skills necessary to gain employment and become self-sufficient, productive individuals in society.

The Institute provides programs that focus on building interpersonal communication and interview skills (both speaking and listening) essential for successfully gaining employment. Instruction focuses on getting and keeping the job, and then getting promoted within the job. Emphasis is placed on identifying self-defeating behaviors and methods of overcoming them to affect real change. Other areas of focus are job aptitude, job-search skills, attitude, goal setting and plotting a path to achieve them.

Informal counseling and mentoring of current and former prisoners to develop character and integrity is part of the program. Participants are encouraged to embrace and harness spirituality in overcoming past mistakes and rebounding towards a successful life that is free of self-defeating behaviors.

  1. Work With and Through Other Nonprofit Organizations

The National L.E.A.D. Institute will provide needed services to support existing efforts of other 501(c)(3) organizations whose purpose and objectives are consistent with those of L.E.A.D. It will extend training and services through other nonprofit organizations to help individuals in the process of transforming their lives.

These services will be in the form of:

(1) Hands-on training in interpersonal communication, job-readiness training and interview skills for qualified nonprofits, allowing them to extend the services they currently provide without additional payroll expense;

2) Motivational and inspirational speaking and group discussions.

A key factor in establishing the North Carolina operations is to ensure a smooth, effective transition of Caribbean Inmates exiting Federal Prisons throughout the US and returning to their respective Caribbean country. We serve as a liaison that will initiate the intake process, provide a needs assessment and connect these inmates back with their families.

We strongly believe that through the effective implementation of these programs that both the community and nation will see a drastic shift in recidivism and offense continuation in those once labeled “at-risk” or the offender population.

The Institute is a proud, good standing member of the American Correctional Association (ACA), North Carolina Correctional Association (NCCA), Caribbean Association of Corrections (CAC), the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) and North Carolina Center for Non-Profits.

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