Our Demand is Great

Everyone is affected by crime in some way and as a community we all pay the price. Every effort to create reform adds to our national quality of life.

Become a Part of the Solution

There are several ways you can effect change:

Become MRT Certified to enhance your effectiveness with those you counsel or become a facilitator for your organization. This training is beneficial to:

  • Social Workers
  • Probation Officers
  • Parole Officers
  • Teachers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Youth Leaders
  • Church Leaders
  • Addiction Professionals

Join us as a Corporate Sponsor

Partner with us through sponsorship of resources or funds.

Contribute as a Concerned Citizen

Fund a participant through our Eagles Academy or Life Management Male Empowerment Program.

Our Commitment is Strong

The National L.E.A.D. Institute is a Community Correctional Organization that has been successfully providing programs to assist “At Risk” Juveniles as well as Pre & Post Prison/Correctional Facilities Inmates in getting their lives back on track since 2009..

Our Mission: To provide personal development programs that transform from within and services that assist both “At Risk” Youth and Pre & Post Prison/Correctional Facilities Inmates to re-direct their lives, empowering them to become law abiding and productive citizens.

Our Vision: To harness the Leadership potential in the individual, directing it towards a positive goal therefore transforming that individual into a person with strong self-Esteem, along with the Ability to accomplish whatever task is set before them and the Discipline to live their lives with purpose..

Our Programs are Powerful

Project Re-Entry:

This effective program is tailored for the individual, using a research driven process that begins when an offender is incarcerated and ends when he is successfully reintegrated as a law abiding citizen.

Life Management Male Empowerment Program:

With proven success, this program was designed to:

  • Inspired participants to complete school
  • Foster self-confidence
  • Embrace positive social values
  • Transform negative attitudes to positive
  • Help manage anger and resolve conflict
  • Develop productive citizens

The Eagles Academy:

Offers the following courses:

  • AutoSkills Academy of Reading
  • AutoSkills Academy of Math
  • TRP Workshops – Totally Responsible Person
  • MRT – Moral Reconation Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Treatment)
  • Civics
  • Literature (Laws of Life by John Templeton)
  • Social Skills Training
  • Leadership Development

Our Values

Respect: We Value the dignity, humanity and attributes of all individuals: and are driven to improve the quality of life for Bahamians, Americans and Citizens of the Caribbean

Ingenuity: We research, develop and apply new approaches, concepts and technology to develop effective and successful programs.

Integrity: We do what we say we will, knowing that honor and reputation are the foundations for credibility, trust and success.

Stewardship: We faithfully oversee, invest and leverage the time, talent and resources entrusted to us…even when no one is looking.

Community Programs

MRT – Moral Reconation Therapy

A cognitive behavioral treatment program proven successful with juveniles and adults; assist with changing the criminal thinking and recidivism.

After School Center

A safe quiet place to do homework

TRP Workshops – Totally Responsible Person

This program empowers participants to take responsibility for their lives, solve problems and handle change.

Awarded By

The Bahamas Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture as the “Most Outstanding Organization of the Year” 2011-2012.


The Caribbean Correctional Training Conference – CCTC
Website: www.caribbeancorrectional.webs.com


  • The Templeton Foundation
  • United States Embassy, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Lyford Cay Foundation
  • Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Chancellors Chambers
  • Bahamas Faith Ministries International
  • Real Men Ministries International
  • International Centre for Credentialing & Education of Addiction Professionals
  • Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture
  • The North Carolina Department of Public Safety
  • Correctional Counseling, Inc. Germantown, TN
  • The Colombo Plan (ICCE)

Troy E. Clarke I

Troy E. Clarke I

International Certified Addiction Professional
President & CEO The National L.E.A.D. Institute
Bahamas: 1.242.328.LEAD/1.242.698.6384
Mobile: 1.242.525.3749
US: 1.919.714.0500
E-mail: thenationalleadinstitute@gmail.com